Heading home

The sabbatical has been great.  Thank you for participating with me.  Now we’re heading home, rested, ready to be back with our beloved friends and to get to work.  My new book (not an Unbinding one, something very different!) is coming together in my head.  So I’m going to go quiet for a while to write.  So grateful for each one of you who has been part of my sabbatical.   I’m excited about Next Steps!

3 thoughts on “Heading home

  1. Patricia Feld

    France’s loss is our gain…and after eating that gorgeous food, twill really be our gain…

  2. Krini Alampi

    The bad part is—we’ll miss your incredible posts! The good part is—we’ll get to hear them first hand!!! And try some of those fabulous recipes!!!!!! 🙂

    1. Martha Grace Reese

      Arrived back last night and it’s fabulous to be home! Thanks for the sweet note, Tammy, Patricia, Krini!

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